Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Life Lately

 Super quiet for 5 minutes = Mae tearing up all the wipes and "cleaning" baby
 4th Grade Field Day - One of the many benefits of teaching the same grade as my kid. ;) Steffens' Storm came out on top with a st place trophy!
 Uncle Greg and Papa worked together to make this happen...and he doesn't even turn 16 for another month.  Ephraim is a great kid and it was a lot of fun to be
 Mae helps me grade papers on Friday nights...everyone gets a sticker!
 4th Grade Fishing Field Trip
 Cooper caught one of the first fish!

Texas 10 Series Katy

Lots of rain...screwed up results but it all worked out in the end!
I finished 2nd in my age division with a time of 1:14:45 and the kids rocked their race!!!

Ragnar Trail Relay

I should just let the pictures speak for themselves....
 What an awesome trail run..thru the night...
 until Hurricane Patricia hit!
 We crazies refused to quit!

 Our official time was 22:47:30!

I would run this race again in a heartbeat!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween Fun

It's hard to believe Halloween has already come and gone.  I am so behind on blogging but am hoping to catch up the next couple days. 

Mae loves the zoo! Every morning when I wake her up she asks if we are going to the zoo.  She was so happy when I finally gave her a "Yes" one Sunday morning in October. 
 Nana and Papa met us at the zoo which made the day that much more fun!

 The carousel is always a "must"!

 After the zoo, we walked over to Hermann park and rode the train.  It brought back so many memories of riding trains with Cooper.
We finished our day lunch by the pond.  I'm so glad we decided to brave the crowds and enjoy the day.

Another Halloween activity we were hoping to squeeze in was a trip to the pumpkin patch.  Between all the rain and our other weekend activities, it proved to be a bit difficult.  However, on a Tuesday after school we managed...too bad the kids weren't in coordinating outfits.

Charlotte performed to Monster Mash the last few minutes of her jazz class on Friday.  What a treat!
Last but not least, Trick or Treating!  We hosted everyone at our house and after serving up chili and a mini dance party, we were off.  The neighborhood was filled with kids which always makes for a fun night.

Friday, September 25, 2015

NASA, Taylor Swift, and More

 Cooper had the opportunity to attend a sleepover at NASA with his webelo group. He was a little excited, can you tell?
Making moon rocks
 While the boys are away...the girls make cookies!
 Scott found a pair of Taylor Swift tickets at the last minute and asked if I wanted to take Charlotte!  Ummm....Yes!!! We had tons of fun and will never forget this special mommy/daughter night.
 Mae and I went to a birthday party where she spent all her time riding a little green train.
 She still has no fear of giant costumed creatures.  She even loved Mother Goose who visited her school earlier in the week.
 Mae is still mommy obsessed but is spending more and more time with her siblings.  She has no idea just how lucky she is!
 Happy Friday!  I love that I get to go to work with these two everyday!

Mae is two....almost!

Mae's birthday party arrived a little bit early.  That happens sometimes when you have such a busy family!

I just love her "cheese face".
 The birthday girl requested a trip to the zoo and we were happy to oblige.
Mae wants to be a lion for Halloween so I am on the hunt for a lion costume that is not too hot.
Mae grabbed a few winks on the way home before part 2 of her party.
 Part 2 of the birthday brought us home for burgers, presents, and cake!

Another birthday request from the birthday girl - white cake with pink icing!
Mae ended the day playing with a camper she received from Auntie Gare and crew. Happy 2nd Birthday, my sweet Mae Mae!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Mae's Quilt

Nana and Papa stopped by for a special visit and delivered Mae's quilt!
Mae was napping when they arrived so the big kids laid out their quilts and couldn't wait to help with the surprise!
C and C helped Mae unfold her new quilt.
She quickly found her "secret" pocket.
Ballerina mouse was her first surprise!