Monday, September 15, 2014

Dancin' Machine

Charlotte is taking jazz class once a week and really seems to be enjoying it.
No, she does not wear this to jazz.  I snapped a quick pic before she went into the studio.

Charlotte also recently participated in a junior pacesetter clinic at the local high school.

She really enjoyed dancing and getting the opportunity to go on the filed.  However, she was eyeing the cheerleaders and asking if they had a clinic too.  I think we will try and take the cheer clinic in the spring.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Knocking it Off the Bucket List - Sidewalk Chalk Paint

I never got around to posting all the summer pics!

We made our own sidewalk chalk paint one sunny afternoon.

 We used a spray bottle with vinegar to make it "fizz".

 Even Mae got in on the action!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Back to School - A Celebration

Back to School = Fresh Start
I think it is a great time to set goals, plan, and talk about things that are most important.  I had great ideas for a back to school feast but chose to forgo all the cutesy stuff for a delicious meal and great conversation with my favorite little scholars.

 This third grader loves everything that goes along with a fancy meal from dressing up, table clothes, wine glasses, and most of all…every bite of his 6 oz filet!
 Mae, on the other hand, preferred chasing the ducks outside!

 Charlotte and I celebrated the return to school with pedicures earlier in the day!
Back to School - Charlotte (1st grade) and Cooper (3rd grade)

Room Switcheroo

We considered moving but after seeing the crazy number of people bidding on houses, we decided to stay in our current home.

I wanted to switch the girl's rooms and move around the furniture in Cooper's room for a better flow.  It took a bit of convincing to get Charlotte to move into the bigger room (our old office/guest room), but the promise of a vanity did the trick!

 Charlotte picked candy tuft…how appropriate!

I took the door off her closet and added a shabby chic curtain.
 One side of her closet holds toys and clothes and the other is for her vanity.
 She loves her vanity which is filled with bows, lip gloss, and clear mascara!

Mae's room is not quite finished, but at least it is painted!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Colorado Trip 2014

We really debated about traveling to Colorado this year.  We didn't like the idea of taking Mae on an 18 hour car ride but still wanted to take advantage of Mimi and Gak's awesome ranch house.

In the end, we decided that Mae and I would fly up and Scott would drive with the big kids.  It worked out for the best and next year, we should all be able to drive together.
Mae flies!
We had a wonderful trip and are so happy we decided to go.  The best part of the trip is having time to spend as a family with no distractions (work, cell phones, etc.)!

1) Hartman Rocks

2) Day in Crested Butte
The boys are ready to tear up the mountain!
Charlotte and Mae's first ride on a chairlift!

Cooper was thrilled to spend some time with the same guide he met last year, Cody.

The girls after finishing a 2 mile (felt like 4) hike from one chairlift to another.
3) Fishing
Scott and I had a date - guided fly fishing expedition!  We each caught one fish and really enjoyed our morning.

Scott and Cooper reeling in a BIG one at the pond.  Unfortunately, it slipped off just as they pulled it up.

Charlotte does cartwheels while waiting for a bite!
4) Carbon Peak - 12,088 feet
Cooper's first time hiking Mt. Carbon! (about 9 miles round trip)
Hiking straight up!

 5) Horseback Riding

Cooper rode Star and Charlotte rode FG!